General Description

The program PEDION 24 is a National Network 24-hour availability (measurement and recording) of non-ionizing E / M radiation due to emissions of telecommunication systems. The purpose of the program is to continuously and seamlessly inform the public about the levels of electromagnetic radiation in various locations of the country.

Every 24 hours the measuring stations send the data (24 hours x 10 measurements per hour = 240 electric field values ​​per day) to the data collection and processing centers. Once the data is processed and stored in the databases, they are sent to the network server in order to display the measurements through tables and diagrams for their better and more comprehensible visualization.

The communication between the metering stations and the data collection / processing centers is done through the mobile telephony networks (GSM, GPRS, UMTS), while the communication between the data collection, processing centers and the network server is via Ethernet.

  • The system of PEDION 24 consists of: